Debt Advisory - Project Finance

Debt Advisory - Project Finance
Ensuring ‘value for money’ by securing the most competitive terms and conditions is the most important driver when procuring finance. The same can be said of any re-financing exercise. The most efficient way of achieving this is by conducting a Request for Proposal (RFP) exercise. 

An RFP is a formal invitation to lenders requesting them to submit written proposals in accordance with a borrower’s requirements. Finalysis is a market leader in this field having completed a great number of first time to market, additional funding and re-financing exercises. 

Going to market to solicit (competitive) submissions from multiple lenders is extremely important, it is the most effective way of ensuring that a properly conducted market benchmarking test has been done. 

Finalysis will run the project from start through to finish. This includes:
  • Liaising with the institution regarding their financing requirements
  • Preparing the RFP document to the specification required
  • Fully evaluating the responses from lenders, including a comprehensive cost breakdown and comparison, and so proving to the institution savings realised 
  • Negotiation of key points with the lenders 

Typically the project will take approximately 9-10 weeks. During the process, Finalysis will be available to provide considered opinion and intelligence, thereby enabling the client to demonstrate that “Value for Money” is being achieved. 
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