Banking & Treasury Reviews

Banking & Treasury Review
Our work encompasses the main areas in which banks take money from their customers, either through explicit charges or in less transparent ways. Benefits are delivered both as cost reductions and through the introduction of value for money strategies or processes that ultimately increase working capital management efficiency.

Finalysis has completed over 100 reviews across many sectors in the UK.

Focus points include:
  • Management of Bank Accounts
  • Investment Bench-marking
  • Currency Management
  • Card Acquiring Costs
  • Payment Processes and Costs
  • Asset & Liability Management
Our work is:
  • Non disruptive
  • Undertaken at our offices
  • Based only on information supplied by the client 
  • Supplemented by our databases of rates and changes 
Our recommendations are:
  • Strategic
  • Easy to implement
  • High level, offering clear benefits
  • Not administratively disruptive
Our report contains:
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Estimates of available benefits
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