Debt Restructuring

Debt Evaluation & Restructure
Finalysis has worked with a number of Higher Education and Further Education clients towards restructuring particular loan portfolios. The aim being in the main, to alleviate cash flow pressure and ensure financial covenant compliance. Finalysis works on behalf of its client with the lending banks as a conduit to achieve an equitable solution to what may be a difficult situation.

In addition to this, Finalysis works on restructurings that add value to an institution’s cost effectiveness – this could take the form of replacing existing debt with another structure, better suited to the borrowing institution, in terms of practicality and overall cost. An institution could also be assessing longer term capital projects to which a restructure of debts may enhance the financial feasibility of undertaking a project.

Finalysis works with the borrower and the Bank(s) to formulate a solution that suits both parties. The emphasis being to put in place a structure that relieves the borrower from an on-going problem to that of an arrangement that is viable for the future.

The benefit of using Finalysis in these delicate situations gives the lenders confidence that the borrower has engaged a 3rd party who has the understanding and wherewithal to work with both the bank and the organisation towards an equitable solution. 

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