Card Aquiring Testimonials

Card Benchmarking Review & Tender Testimonials  
‘Finalysis have provided the University with invaluable knowledge, experience and practical advice to enable us to review the very complex arrangements around card acquiring services. They have also given us an insight into both services available and benchmark pricing and that has enabled us to confidently negotiate with our providers to secure a very much improved outcome for the University.' 

'Finalysis carried out a review of the College’s arrangements for Merchant Services and identified several alternative suppliers whose charges were considerably lower than the current one. We followed their advice and found the change to a new supplier very straight forward. We are pleased to see the monthly charges reduces and real savings being achieved'.
‘Finalysis provided excellent support throughout the merchant services tender process through its knowledge of technical areas and ability to understand our requirements. Their provision of a cost/quality matrix ensured the tenders were evaluated in a fair, comparable and coherent way. We would definitely consider working with Finalysis again if the need arises’

‘Finalysis provided the expertise we were lacking in-house to prepare and evaluate the tenders for Merchant Services and International Payments. They gave the University of Manchester the support and confidence during the whole process to select a supplier that will hopefully provide large benefits to the University, its customers and suppliers’.

“Finalysis brought expertise we lacked internally at all stages in our tender process: drafting the specification, analysis of responses and questions on the day to suppliers. The whole process was reasonably straightforward thanks to the help and support we received”.
‘The expert advice, guidance and knowledge provided by Finalysis with respect to the University’s Merchant Services tender was invaluable, particularly in terms of evaluating pricing models, understanding the limitations of products/services within the market and the ability to challenge statements made by tenderers. This aptitude ensured that the University was able to appoint the best provider.’
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