Card Benchmarking Review & Tenders

Card Benchmarking Reviews & Tenders 
The cost of acquiring is significantly higher than for banking; pricing is more complex, with variances between card type, country of origin, transaction acceptance method all impacting, along with the pricing model applied by the acquirer. 

As card acceptance continues to increase, these costs have come into even sharper focus thanks to the myriad of changes to interchange prices over the past two years and specifically the removal of the 50p cap for domestic Visa Debit transactions.
The ad valorem basis of card fees and growing throughput makes it imperative to have the correct pricing model with lowest rates available. Finalysis has a deep understanding of current pricing and is in the best position to advise on the most appropriate course of action to take, be that a review or tender process. 

A review allows the University to ensure it is keeping up with best practice, whilst at the same time allowing it to satisfy the Governing Body that “Value for Money” is being achieved. As well as all cost aspects, a review will analyse the performance of or potential for Dynamic Currency Conversion at the University. 

Through the report, Finalysis will opine as to the likelihood of achieving the optimum pricing outcome through negotiation, which Finalysis would undertake, or whether a tender process managed by Finalysis should be considered. 

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  Card Acquiring Cost Review 

   Finalysis detailed cost reviews cover:
  • Benchmarking of all card transaction charges
  • Comment on the appropriateness of the pricing model
  • Analyse the impact of all recent interchange moves
  • Comment on the incidence of non-secure transactions
  • Analysis of all ancillary costs, including terminals 
  • Comment on the suitability and cost of the PSP
  • Analysis of the DCC potential or performance
  • Manage price negotiation with the incumbent acquirer
  • Recommend whether to accept negotiated offer or not
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 Card Acquiring Tender Support
  Finalysis provides a modular service:
  • Selecting the right tender process including OJEU and Framework options 
  • Creating and issuing the tender document
  • Dealing with clarification requests
  • Full evaluation of tender submissions
  • Bidder Presentations / Clarification meetings
  • Debrief and decision support
  • Bidder feedback & reference checking 
  • Final tender process report

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