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About Finalysis
Finalysis UK Ltd was established in July 2002 to provide a full range of treasury and banking services to both the Public and Private Sectors.

Today the company is regarded as a market leader, dealing in the main, with Higher and Further Education Institutions, Housing Associations and Charitable Organisations. Since setting up the business Finalysis has delivered in the region of £7 million of cost benefits/savings and raised over £1.5 billion in project finance to its now very extensive client base.

On a macro level, Finalysis continues to add value to the sectors in which it operates; working closely with the professional associations by way of conference attendance, sponsorship and presenting regularly at regional seminars across the UK.

  Why Finalysis ?

What makes Finalysis unique?
  • Our proprietary banking strategies are tailor-made for each client
  • Strategies reflect the high level banking experience of Finalysis consultants
  • Reviews are fully self financing and non-disruptive
  • Benefits are on-going
  • The service is highly confidential
  • The service does not disturb the banking relationship
  • Services are available on a fixed fee or results basis
Is this you?
  • Would you like to make significant savings to your cost of banking?
  • Do you think your bank charges are too high?
  • Do you have forthcoming funding requirements?
  • Are your debit & credit card receipts growing, especially via the internet?
  • Are your foreign currency payments expensive?
  • Do you use bank deposit accounts?
  • Is your banking or card acquiring due for re-tendering in the next twelve months?
Why Finalysis for tenders?
  • Bank Tenders are complex and time consuming…..Finalysis is the resource
  • The service is modular; full management can be undertaken, or partial, in support of the client
  • Bank Tenders can be stand alone, or follow a client review
  • Fixed price, tailor made for each client, based on our daily rate
Answer Yes to any of the above and Finalysis can help you achieve savings

Meet the team
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